Vacation Packing Tips!

It’s summer time! When the temperature heats up, so many of us start scheduling those beautiful summer holidays! While holidays are exciting, packing can sometimes feel daunting or stressful. Making sure you pack the right items to meet your vacation needs is important in ensuring your trip is the best ever! Whether you are spending a week at the beach, exploring the mountains or jetting off to an exciting city, we’ve compiled some tips for packing your suitcase to meet all of your needs!


Our Stylists like to think of packing your bags as creating mini capsule wardrobes for your trip. What better way to save space than to have each item coordinate with each other! We’ve given some tips for making a capsule wardobe, but a packing list is a little different. We recommend starting with your bottoms, as these can be reworn in different ways easier than tops. For a week long trip, try to bring less than 5 bottoms to maximize space in your suitcase. Shorts, capris, pants and skirts can be restyled with minimal effort to create totally new outfits!

For tops, we recommend packing items that can be worn different ways easily – try knotting your t-shirt for a different look, tucking your tank into a midi skirt, wearing a blouse open as a lighter alternative to a jacket. These little tips can really stretch the versatility of your items – and make for less laundry for you when you’re home!


Now that your mini capsule wardrobe is complete, let’s focus on shoes. We find that these are the easiest to over pack! If you’re jetting off to a city that will require a lot of walking, don’t sacrifice comfort over fashion! Sneakers paired with sun dresses and skirts are so on trend right now – and your feet will thank you later! Try some “no-show” socks out to really maximize your comfort. Lightweight sandals are perfect to pack since they won’t take up much room and can be dressed up or down. A useful packing tip for shoes is to fill them with the smaller things that might get lost in your suitcase – jewelry, rolled up t-shirts or undergarments or travel size toiletries can all be stored in your sneakers for optimizing space!


Whether it’s a vacation to the lake or to NYC, we know that you will be snapping tons of pics of your adventures! A great tip for the best photos from your trips is to pack a statement dress – it will add elegance to your photos and you don’t have to think about mixing and matching with your outfit! We recommend a bold colour, like red or orange, to really make your photos pop. Even if the photo is of you lost, wandering around to find your hotel, we guarantee the photo will look chic and perfect in your summer dress!

We hope that these tips help make your vacation packing process easy and stress free! If you’re interested in receiving pieces like these each month, to try on in the comfort of your own home, consider becoming a Subscriber! Use promo code BLOG on your Favourites subscription to waive your first months styling fee, to try us out risk-free!

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