Styling Tricks for Your Shape!

We have been busy here at Frock Box with lots of new projects to add to our subscribers experience! One of the areas that we are working on revamping is our style survey. This is your introduction to your Stylist, and the first place we look for inspiration when styling your outfits for you. While your Pinterest board and feedback forms are all valuable tools to communicate with your stylist, your style survey is the starting point!

One of the questions that we are working on adding is “What is your shape?” We know by now, from our experience in styling thousands of Canadian women, that while height and weight can determine which size you are, it’s your shape that determines which styles are best! Women come in all shapes and sizes, and we make it our mission to be able to dress and compliment each and every shape.

Below we’ve compiled some styling tips when it comes to dressing for your shape. We hope these tips are useful if you’re struggling on how to best compliment your figure! It’s worth noting though, while we can tell you which ones are typically the most flattering, what really matters is how you feel in the styles, and which ones YOU think are best. Have fun with it, take from it what you like and let us know your feedback – it’s the Frock Box way!



We describe this shape as proportionate from bust to hip, with a defined waist. If you were to take your measurements, your bust and hip will read similar, with your waist significantly smaller. This shape looks great with waist defined details in garments – look for wrap tops, belted dresses or ruching at the natural waist line. Flowy and billowy silhouettes are often avoided since they can cover the curves and not provide enough definition to showcase your shape. Pencil skirts, wrap dresses, form fitting tops, skinny jeans and fitted jackets are all great suggestions for flattering styles! If you’re an Hourglass shape, consider letting your Stylist know that you are looking for styles that work best for this body type!




This body types has a few sub categories, but the main styling points are the same across the board. You might have heard this type as Rectangle or Apple – basically, an Oval body shape encompasses no defined natural waist. If you use your measurements, your bust, waist and hip measurements will be very similar to each other. We love asymmetrical styles to suit this body type as it can create beautiful shape with minimal effort. We also think layering is an easy tip to remember to add definition! Kimonos, slim cut cardigans and waist length blazers can all create definition in a snap. Try out large scale patterns in your favourite colour palette. Emphasize your bust with interesting necklines and show off those legs! Sheath and tunic style dresses with a tailored jacket or cardigan and boots would be a great Fall look! Belts and drop waist styles are usually avoided when trying to flatter this shape.



A Pear body shape, or Triangle, can be defined as having a significantly smaller bust measurement in comparison to your hips. When trying to create balance in your body, look for fun neckline details like off the shoulder or boat neck styles, embellishments around the bust or shoulders, flutter sleeves or structured shoulders, tops with fitted waists and A-line dresses. We know the skinny jean trend has held on tightly for the last few years, but we are seeing so many fun options with a straight or wide leg, that tend to work well for Pear shapes! Since Pears usually have a defined waist, it can sometimes be tricky to find pants that fit. We recommend asking your Stylist for an Unbelt, which will change the way you think about bottoms! Be sure to ask your Stylist for these styles if you’re looking to flatter your Triangle shape!




This body type would mean your hip measurement is much smaller than your bust, and you often wear different size tops and bottoms. V-neck necklines and sheath dresses are great options for this shape! Adding balance to your body might look like duster length cardigans, straight cut dresses and skirts and tailored jackets. Kimonos are also a great option for balancing out this shape, as well as straight cut pants and denim! Don’t be afraid if your top and bottom size are different, your Stylist will know that this is your body shape by your measurements.




We hope these tips proved useful if you’ve been struggling with understanding how to dress your specific shape. If you didn’t find your shape fit into any of these categories, please reach out to us and we will do our best to provide styling tips specific to you! Interested in receiving pieces hand picked to flatter your shape, delivered to your door each month to try on in the comfort of your own home? Try out our Favourites subscription risk-free by using promo code BLOG, which will waive your first months styling fee. Keep what you love, send back what doesn’t work, with your feedback to develop a relationship with your personal stylist! Come join our tribe!


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