Style Tips for the Busy Woman!

There are a lot of reasons why our subscribers value our personal styling service. Access to malls and boutiques can be limited in more rural areas, you might find yourself needing new style inspo or have trouble finding the styles you like in your size. The number one reason we hear, time and time again, is that it’s a timesaver! We understand the struggle of balancing work, parenting, hobbies – who has time to shop?!

As valuable as this service can be to save you time in your schedule, we thought we would offer some tips to save you time getting ready in the mornings as well! Check them out below, we are hopeful that some will work for your routine and let you have more precious moment of sleep, so that you can continue to rule your world!



Our Stylists highly recommend having an outfit plan the night before, so that you aren’t left staring at your closet with no inspiration. We touched on this a bit in this post that talks all things closet organizing – which is also a great tip to make for smoother mornings! Hanging pieces that go well together close by, so that the pairing is already thought of, will make outfit curating a breeze! We also recommend taking photos of outfits you love on yourself for reference. Who says the #ootd inspo has to only exist on Pinterest!





We all have those workhorses in our closets that we reach for time and time again. The denim jacket, the black pant, the great dress, the comfy shoe. These are great building blocks for outfits, and most can be reused throughout the week in different ways to have less pieces to match! If basics is something you are missing in your wardrobe, please let your Stylist know by sending her an email to [email protected] so that she can be on the hunt for the perfect fits for you!




In our Style Survey, one of the questions we pose to subscribers is Preferred Colour Palette. This gives our Stylists an idea of which hues you like to wear and which ones are suited for you. Mixing and matching can be tricky if you have a bunch of colours within your wardrobe, so if you’re looking for ease in getting dressed, we suggest sticking to a colour palette that compliments each other, so that matching is a breeze! We have some tips about this in our Capsule Wardrobe post here.



The key to looking put together is all in the details! Jewellery, shoes and bags can make a big difference in helping an outfit look complete. Our Stylists recommend having a great organizational system for accessories, so that pairing is simple and focused. For the busy woman, we recommend a backpack bag to add style and functionality to your look!
If you’re a subscriber and would like to receive accessories in your Frock Box, please send your Stylist an email to [email protected] ca! Or consider signing up for our Jewel box, which is a monthly accessory subscription that features a Canadian designer and a handmade piece, delivered to your door!



Are you a busy woman interested in receiving hand picked styles, delivered to your doorstep each month? Try us out risk-free! Use promo code BLOG on your Favourites subscription to waive your first months styling fee and only pay for what you keep! Sign up here!


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