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This week we are excited to announce a new contest here at Frock Box! As Stylists, after we send out packages to subscribers, we are always so curious as to what they think. Our feedback process is key, as we are both eager and interested to get to know your style and tastes, so that we can curate outfits totally suited for you! Since we are an online business, and often don’t have the opportunity to meet our clients face to face, so we wanted to create something that solves this problem. We love seeing you in your outfits!


Introducing your #frockbox Moment! Did you Stylist send you a hoodie that you wear religiously to Starbucks and school pick up? Is the last wedding you attended involve a Frock Box dress? When you reach into your closet, is your go to pairing something you’ve received in your monthly boxes?

We want to see it! It doesn’t have to be a professional picture, or fancy, or staged by any means! What matters to us is seeing our subscribers living their life in the outfits we provide. The emails, comments and feedback forms provided to us mean the world, but nothing says it quite like a picture!


So, share away! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #frockboxmoment for your Stylist to see you in your frocks! Each week we will pick a winner at random, and the winning subscriber will receive a $25 credit on their next box. Pretty sweet hey? All for taking that selfie in your Frock Box outfit that you were probably going to snap anyways. We will share all entries on our Instagram and Facebook stories – so be aware that your picture will be seen – and loved by our amazing online community!

Now, what are you waiting for? Get snapping those selfies!

Want in on all the fun? Become a subscriber and receive hand picked outfits, delivered to your door each month, to try on in the comfort of your own home. Keep what you love, send back what doesn’t work and through your feedback, you’ll build a relationship with your Stylist to really hone in on your style. Sign up for a Favourites subscription using promo code BLOG to receive your first months styling fee on us!

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