Outfit Inspiration: The Colour Wheel!

Some feedback we receive from subscribers is that they’re trying to add more colour into their wardrobe. We get it, we love black as much as the next fashionista, but adding more colour is a great wardrobe goal! If you’re needing a little push into how to add more colour in interesting ways into you look, check out these guidelines to get you started!

Remember the colour wheel from grade school? There won’t be a quiz at the end, but it can be a useful tool when you’re asking yourself the question “Do these colours go together?”
Contrasting colours are colours located across from each other on the colour wheel. These combos pack a big punch and are very pleasing to the eye!

A fun take with leopard to boot!

Blush tones are perfect for spring!


A common misconception about this term is that it means only neutrals. This doesn’t have to be the case! Monochromatic means dressing in the same colours of a single hue. While this is easier to achieve using a neutral palette, who says you can’t dress head to toe in your favourite hue! Create a statement in a really fun way with this look!





Ok, I did promise there wouldn’t be a quiz at the end but bear with me – analogous colours are simply colours on the wheel that are right next to each other. Think Green and Blue, Pink and Purple, Red and Orange. Here’s a cute pic of some of our team that will give you a good visual as to which colours are anaologous. We also find patterns have a lot of analogous colours in them, so a good place to start is by taking note of colours within a print!

Pink and orange pairing in this fun romper print!
Blues and greens in this flirty floral!



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