Outfit Building 101!

At Frock Box, we hear all the time about the desire to look “put together”. We get it, it can be frustrating to have a closet full of clothes and no inspiration as to how to make those items into outfits. A good rule of thumb that we as stylists use is to never forget the details! Adding layers to your outfit, be it in pieces of clothing or accessories, is the first step to being able to easily obtain that put together look!




The “Third Piece” rule is really just a fancy way of adding another layer to your outfit! The tools to achieve this in your closet can vary: cardigans, moto jackets, denim jackets, vests, layering with turtlenecks – the list goes on! Throwing on a moto jacket to a skirt and t-shirt outfit, elevates it instantly as well as lending a practical take for the elements! This pairing also speaks to contrast in outfits, which adds instant cool-girl status to your outfit to boot!






It’s amazing what a well thought out accessory can do to an outfit! Statement necklaces, scarves, earrings, bangles, bags – all of these things are the finishing touches to your look. Think of it as hairspray, the last step in your dressing routine to pull everything together! At Frock Box, we offer Jewel, a very cool accessory specific subscription in case you need help building these tools in your wardrobe! Statement shoes are also a fun way to jazz up your look!








We’ve talked about colour before, but having a decent understanding of how they work together can really change up how you view your wardrobe! Contrasting colours can have add instant drama to your look. Pulling out subtle colouring within prints is another colour tool to use while creating your outfits!







We hope these little tricks can re-inspire you on how to style the items in your closet into great outfits! If you’d like to receive pieces like these, delivered to your doorsteps with styling tips, why not sign up for our service! Use promo code BLOG to waive your first months styling fee to try us out risk-free!

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