Knotting Tutorial!

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately – or stopped by our boutique – you no doubt have noticed knotted tops! This has been a huge trend and it’s such a fun way to add interest to basic pieces. Most knotted tops have tie tails for you to achieve the look, but if you’d like to try the trend out on shirts you already have, we’ve put together a tutorial to show you just how to do it! There are 2 techniques that we suggest trying – one is a classic knot style and the other is the upside down ponytail. You’ll need a shirt that is slightly oversized, so that you have room to make the knot as well as a small elastic. Read below for details on both!



Gather where you would like to tie your knot. We recommend knotting to the side, as this creates a ruching effect that acts like a wrap style top which is very flattering. You can knot wherever you’d like though!


Create two “tails” of fabric. We suggest using a somewhat oversized top as this will give you enough fabric to create the knot with.


Once you have your tails, simply tie each tail into a knot. Be mindful of any excess fabric above your knot – you’ll want to tuck this under as to not create bulk.


Tighten to secure!


You can leave as is, or tuck your knot under the hem of your shirt to create a twist type look. We think either look cute! Adjust as necessary.





Choose where you’d like to create your knot twist – again this is most flattering if it’s done on the side to create the ruching effect. Gather the fabric.


Instead of creating two tails like in the Classic Knot, instead create one long tail of fabric on the inside of your shirt. The tail will be closer to your stomach so that you can tuck it in after.


Using your small elastic, wrap it around until it’s tight at the end of your long tail. It will look like a ponytail of fabric on the inside of your shirt.


Adjust the tightness by pulling fabric from the outside of your shirt. Here you can adjust how tight you’d like the twist and the create cleaner ruching lines.


Tuck the ponytail either into your pants, or under the hem of the shirt so that it isn’t poking out. Adjust as necessary.



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