I Got It From My Mama!

We are so excited to share with you our I Got It From My Mama campaign!

This campaign was born from the realization that so few moms are in the millions of photos that they snap of their children. We have all been there – you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera or you don’t like your hair or outfit because you’ve been busy taking care of everyone else in your family. We get it! But when it comes time to look back on that day, or occasion, or moment, your kids will miss seeing YOU – their mom, perfectly imperfect.

We wanted to gift some moms the opportunity to get in the photo! We offered to style a mom and daughter duo and then have a professional photo shoot to capture their looks and relationships! We could not have asked for better participants in this campaign. After nominating themselves, each duo had a styling session with our team to find the outfits for the photos. It’s so fun for us to style in person, since we are so used to doing everything online! On photoshoot day, everyone had their make up done and we were ready to go! All photos below were shot at The Studio in St. Albert by Nicole Danielle Photography. Makeup was done by Upstairs Glamour through Blush Artistry.

Now, let’s introduce to you the duos who nominated themselves for this fun adventure!


Stephanie secretly nominated herself and her mom Judy, who lives in Saskatchewan and was able to make the trip up for this opportunity – we are so flattered she made the drive for us! Judy is the picture taker of the family so Stephanie wanted to gift her this moment for the camera to be on her instead. After a very traumatic year in their family, these two deserved a morning of pampering and girl time which we were happy to provide.

During our style session with them, we learned that Stephanie loves unique and interesting items but struggles to find the perfect fit for her shape. We were happy to help with this, and had a lot of fun trying on some daring outfit combos to find the winner. We found a blouse with a touch of sparkle, a super fun twirly blush skirt and some statement heels – classy but with a retro twist!

Judy came to us with an open mind to try anything, and we loved her spirit! She initially chose a black dress to try and while it looked awesome on her, we really wanted to push her out of her comfort zone and try some colour. Judy was such a good sport as we tested different hues on her and we loved the winning outfit she chose! Perfect for spring in a floral dress, an unexpected pop of colour in her denim jacket and a fun cut out detail heel.


“I think my mom is amazing. She has been a pillar of strength in our family and always keeps us together and making memories. After the last year we have had, it would just be so nice to give back to her with this fun opportunity.”



These two! Their bond was so special to witness because not only were they close as mother and daughter, they are also neighbours! Brigitte’s eyes lit up when she told us that her grandkids often come walking over from their house, always asking for a snack! Together, Krystal and Brigitte had made significant lifestyle changes over the last year, and lost over 70 lbs combined. They both came to us with the style struggle of dressing to compliment their new shapes. We were happy to help!


Krystal is a busy mom on the go and we wanted her to have an outfit that she could wear to the many activities her and her family are a part of. As a tall woman, finding the right fit in clothing can be challenging, and we were so happy to have items that spoke to both her shape and her style! Her winning outfit speaks to both her lifestyle and her gorgeous self!

Brigitte is a busy grandma and prefers a more casual look. She originally said that she avoids sleeveless tops, so imagine our surprise when she liked the turquoise tank the best! Brigitte was such a good sport and game to try on anything! She brought her open and mind and sense of humour, which made styling her a breeze! We think her outfit shows off both her shape and her personality in such a beautiful way.


“My mother is the most caring & giving person I’ve ever met. She’s always put other peoples needs before her own. She has been my best friend my entire life & I’m so lucky to have her.”


What a sweet couple of ladies! These two kept up laughing and had a lot of fun trying totally different looks! It was so cool to witness them taking turns building the other one up as we tried on different styles and options. You can just feel the love that these two have for each other in how they communicate and interact. It was so heartwarming to see!

Kaitlin is a teacher and had amazing energy! She was basically an open book as to what styles and colours she was interested in – challenge accepted! With a tiny frame, finding the perfect fit in clothing might not come easy, but her attitude and willingness to try anything definitely helped! We thought instead of going super bold in the outfit, we would make her (and her shoes) the statement pieces! We think she totally killed it in her final look with a great bodycon dress paired with a fun and quirky heel and some shimmer in her accessories.

Debbie has a dress code at work and wanted to find pieces that she would wear both at home and at the office – a common request among subscribers! She was open to colour options and colour did we find! This neon halter style tank is so gorgeous on her skin tone, paired with a bright white blazer that could be worn at work. A great pair of denim and a wedge heel, and she is ready for cocktails!


I love that my mom is so active and adventurous! She’d rather hike a mountain than sit on the beach. Our relationship is special because we are quite close in age compared to most and we can still sing together at the top of our lungs or dance our same home-choreographed dance wherever we are and not give a poop what anyone thinks!”



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