How to Cuff Your Pants for Ankle Booties!

We love ankle booties here at Frock Box – they’ve become a wardrobe staple for most of our subscribers! We love them because they’re both practical as well as fashionable. Anyone can wear ankle booties! We encourage you to try cuffing the bottom of your pants when wearing ankle booties. This minimizes bulk around the ankle, as well as creating a smooth line on your leg. Check out our tutorial below on how to achieve the perfect cuff!


Start with the hem of your pants totally unrolled so that you can achieve the smoothest cuff possible.


Roll one cuff just above the hemline of the bottom of your pants. This creates about a 1/2 inch cuff.


Roll the cuff you’ve made up one more time, to create a double cuff. This creates a clean and strong cuff so that you won’t have to readjust throughout the day.


Adjust to ensure they’re even – though they don’t have to be perfect!

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