Girl, You Can Frock It: Pattern Mixing!

Let’s talk pattern mixing! This is such a fun tool to have within your wardrobe, as it really utilizes different pieces and lets your basics take a back seat for awhile! At Frock Box, we like to encourage subscribers to “think outside the box” when it comes to outfit creation, and this technique is just that! Taking pieces you would wear separately with basic items, and combining them to create a fun and playful look!

To help you with this process, there are a few guidelines that will help you get started.


Finding prints that have the same colour theory is step one to pattern mixing! An easy way to start is finding patterns that are also neutrals, since there’s no guessing on colour matching. Here’s an example of print mixing in the neutral form – remember, leopard is also a neutral!

The blush colour story of this outfit mixes florals and paisley in an unexpected way! Pairing a neutral jacket or sweater with bolder patterns is a great way to balance the two out.


Now that we have an understanding of choosing prints within the same colour palette, let’s talk about the print themselves! To refine this practice of pattern mixing, focus on the scale of the patterns – mixing a large scale pattern with a smaller scale one is a super simple way to refine pattern mixing. By using this tip, it will appear as if you spent hours picking out your outfit because of its perfection!

We tried this using a Kelly green colour palette and two different scales of patterns – smaller stripes and larger florals!


With a rust polka dot and slight tweed pattern, this mix is unexpected because of the different textural elements that are included!



One of our favourite pattern combos are florals and stripes. We love mixing the type of print to add visual interest to the outfit!

Try to choose opposing patterns – florals and stripes, geometric and feminine, paisley and plaid. The limits are endless! If you follow the guideline of colour palette and scale, no print mixing is off limits!


Don’t just stop at stripes! Polka dots are a fun pattern to use with florals as well for a whimsical look!

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