Girl, You Can Frock It: Leopard Print!

Let’s talk leopard print! This has been such a hot print this season and we don’t see it going anywhere, anytime soon! How do you feel about leopard? Animal prints of all kind can make you feel edgy, rock n’ roll and luxurious all at the same time! You can go for a classic feel or pump it up for a wilder look – all depending on how you’d like to integrate this look into your style!




Are you familiar with the statement “Leopard is a neutral”? This print can truly go with anything! It’s neutral colour palette lends itself to a whole world of colours and print mixing. If you’re new to animal prints or not sure if it’s totally your style, an easy and simple way to introduce it is through footwear. Leopard booties and pumps have been well loved and admired at Frock Box by both stylists and subscribers!

Since we are treating this print as a neutral, any colour pairs well!


Mustard and leopard are a match made in heaven!





We seriously can’t keep up with the demand for these amazing leopard cardigans! Wearing this print in a cardigan, jacket or sweater style brings serious style to jeans and sneakers! Again, since leopard is a neutral, you can literally pair it with any combo hanging in your closet!

Our team trying out this trend!


Leopard pairs beautifully with coloured denim!




Leopard skirts and pants are not everyones cup of tea (and that’s ok!) but if it’s a look that speaks to you, we say GO FOR IT! There are endless pairings for this look, since the print is a neutral. We love an edgy but conservative take like the one pictured below!


This skirt is perfect for winter but would look awesome paired with a denim jacket and tank for spring!



SO much opportunity for fun print mixing and colour coordinating!


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