Business Casual 101!

We get a lot of requests from subscribers to include business casual outfits in their Frock Box. Business Casual – a very popular term with a very loose definition! At its most basic, this translates to “no jeans”. While that may seem limiting if your style is ultra casual, we’d like to provide some inspiration on how to easily dress business casual. We’ll highlight some basic must haves for building a wardrobe that adheres to this office dress code!


A blouse is a no brainer to begin building a business casual appropriate wardrobe. Blouses provide more structure than t-shirts and knits, and can be used in many different ways to change up multiple outfits. A safe bet is to have a blouse in a neutral colour, but don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and try a print or a bright instead! Layered under a cardigan or blazer, v neck sweater or tucked into a skirt, this is a staple that will get a lot of wear at the office. Here’s a few styling examples below!




We’ve talked about “Third Piece” dressing before, and in a business casual environment, it’s a surefire way to polish your outfit with minimal effort! Popular items for this dress code that adhere to the third piece rule are cardigans and blazers. Look for fun details that allow you to show your personality through these pieces – leather and grommets can add some spunk, lace and embroidery can keep it sweet! The choices are endless! Here are some styling examples below.



This must be THE most sought after item of the business casual wardrobe. It can feel limiting to not be able to dawn your favourite pair of denim, but we are hear to assure you there are many different options available! The ponte pant is a favourite of our stylists for its ease in fit and sophisticated look. Ponte pants are more formal than leggings, but wear just as comfortably! In the spring and summer, have some fun with different proportions by playing with some palazzo pants or wide leg jumpsuits!



Office friendly dresses need to tick a lot of boxes, we understand the struggle! We find that utility dresses are a great option and an easy fit. Fit and flare styles are also a great option, paired with a blazer or a cardigan and you are office ready! Pairing dresses with tights in the winter is an easy way to get away with shorter styles and keep warm on your commute. Sweater dresses are also a great option to stay warm and stylish at your desk.



Business casual doesn’t necessarily mean pumps everyday, but you can’t necessarily wear sneakers either. Loafers are a huge trend this season and are a perfect option for the office! A favourite of our subscribers are the side cut out shoe that we have been offering for awhile, and we think it’s a great footwear choice for this dress code! Depending on the formality of your space, sandals can be hit or miss in the summer, but this fun pointed toe sandal hybrid option is sure to bring style and class to your look!

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