5 Ways Frock Box Can Transform Your Wardrobe!

Hello ladies! This week we thought it would be helpful to list out all the ways that Frock Box can transform your wardrobe! There are tons of stores and boutiques throughout the country, but none of them are able to offer a service quite like ours. Handpicked styles and outfits chosen by your personal stylist to suit both your style and shape, delivered to your door to try on in the comfort of your own home. Below we breakdown how this service can truly transform your closet!


One of our goals as Stylists at Frock Box is to introduce new to you styles and pieces for subscribers to try. While basics are important to any closet, it’s the pieces that you never thought you could wear, or wouldn’t pick out in the store, that makes this service so valuable. How many of you buy multiples of the same item in different colours? Or walk by the more fashion forward styles, thinking that they wouldn’t work for your lifestyle? Our Stylists love to push the envelope and send some pieces that you might not pick yourself, but would enjoy trying on in the comfort of your own home. And who knows, that piece might just become part of your new favourite outfit!




We get a lot of requests for special occasion outfits, like weddings, graduations or holiday parties. We love to be able to accommodate these requests, and help you avoid the chance of showing up in the same outfit as another guest! If you’re normally not a dress lover, but need one for a special occasion you have coming up, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] so that we can let your Stylist know! We have a ton of fun and fancy outfits that we bring in for this reason alone! How many of us have dreaded going to the mall to find a specific occasion ensemble, only to become overwhelmed with the choices or unable to find the right one? Leave it to us instead!




The beauty of a service like Frock Box is that we truly have something for everyone, no matter their style or shape! If you need office wear for your business casual dress code, we have it! Casual athleisure looks for the stay at home mom life? Check! Styles that suit a retired lifestyle spent travelling, gardening or spending time with family? We are here for you! Our buying process is different than a traditional retail setting. Traditional boutiques and shops usually have a very specific customer in mind who they buy for. Our customer is everyone! Canadian women, sized XS-3X – it’s that simple! We understand the range of lifestyles our service reaches, and we are confident our selections will fit seamlessly into your life.



It’s happened to all of us. You buy a top from a big box store, wear it out to the grocery store and spot another shopper in the same shirt as you. Or worse, you’re at an event in a dress, and you see your dress on another body. We can help with this! Since we carry a variety of brands and styles to suit virtually every style, we are able to offer pieces that are totally unique to what you would find in a traditional retail setting. When Frock Box was first started, we polled our small group of subscribers to see what kind of styles and brands they were looking for. We had an overwhelming response that they were seeking outfits not found at the mall or at the shop down the street. They were wanting unique and different pieces that would make a statement and set them apart from the crowd. And we are happy to oblige to this request for all our subscribers, 4 short years later!



One of the most appealing qualities of a subscription box delivered to your door, is that you’re able to try on the items in the comfort of your own home. What is also neat, is that you can try on the items with what you already own in your wardrobe! Picture this. You’re at the mall, browsing the racks, and you spot a top that you love. Once you’re home, you notice that you don’t really have pieces that work well with it. So it sits in your closet and you’re left to wonder each morning, what am I going to wear today? Or, you bring the top home and realize your closet is actually full of similar things, and you’re lacking the variety in your wardrobe to feel inspired and put together. Both are common problems that we hear from subscribers, and we work hard to solve them for you! In your Frock Box, you will receive coordinating pieces, so that you have the elements to build the outfit, delivered right to your door! You’re also able to see how each piece fits within your closet, to make sure you aren’t making an impulsive purchase that doesn’t bring value to your wardrobe. The process is easy, and the pay off can be great!



We hope that these tips can help make your #frockbox subscription work for you, or inspire you to give our service a try! Our Stylists work hard to choose pieces that suit your style and your needs expressed in your Style Profile. We hope the pieces you receive in your subscription work well within your wardrobe, and your feedback is always our most important tool for the service!

Interested in receiving hand picked items, delivered to your door each month to try on at home? Keep what you love, send back what doesn’t work and let us know your feedback so that we can nail down your style! Try us out risk free by using promo code BLOG on a Favourites subscription, which will waive your first months styling fee! We’d love to have you join our tribe of empowered and fashionable Canadian women!

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